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"An integrated Atlantic strategy, a necessity for the EU" (5.5)

Event date:
21/05/2010 - 09:00 to 10:45
Table of Contents

    The workshop will discuss why and how an integrated maritime strategy for this area would bring clear added value to the EU. The panel is deliberately diverse so as to reflect different visions of the actions and policies which need to be developed within the Atlantic Area. The maritime dimension will of course be at the centre of the discussions.    

    P R O G R A M M E

    Friday, 21 9:00-10:45

    Room: Sala Azul


    CHAIR: Julie Gourden, Director at CPMR General Secretariat responsible for cohesion policy, interregional cooperation and follow-up of the Atlantic Arc Commission

    Introduction: Muriel Jozeau-Marigné, Councillor, Basse-Normandie Region

    Ricardo Cortés Lastra, Member of the European Parliament 

    Luis Valente de Oliveira, European Coordinator on the Motorways of the Seas (TEN-T, Transeuropean Transport Network priority project 21)

    Francisco Gonzalez Buendia Councillor in charge of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructures, Principality of Asturias 

    Juan José Sota Verdión - Councillor in charge of Industry and Technological development of Cantabria Region

    Teresa Molina Schmid - General Subdirectory, Secretary of State for the EU of the Spanish government (tbc) 

    Bruno Thenail, Coordinator Interreg IVA France-England CAMIS Project

    Eddy Hartog, Head of Unit, Maritime Policy Arctic & Atlantic Ocean & Outermost Region, Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries


    (Lead: Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions Atlantic Arc Commission