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Project: Rethink Plastic Project

School information

School name
Istituto Marymount
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  • other
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City & Country
:  Rome, Italy
Sea basin:
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Coastal: <20 km from the sea

Project information

Project name in native language
Rethink Plastic Project
Duration of the project
April, 2021 - May, 2021
Level of education:
  • Primary school
Project description:
The Rethink Plastics Challenge involves a process of inquiry to better understand plastics, examine challenges and alternatives, and create action plans for local environments. It is designed to guide students in grades K-12 through an inquiry experience. The activities align with our current curriculum. The problem based process involves collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking. We completed the Each week there are 3 goals. The 1st step is a Pause and Notice: students take time to pause, reflect, and notice. They examine current conditions, beliefs, perspectives, and biases. The 2nd step is Explore Possibilities: they explore all ideas and seek out inspiration. Activities include research, interviews, and requesting feedback. The 3rd step is Design with Optimism: students build on ideas as they design for action. Here they experiment, study, and create! Week 1 History and Production Goal 1: Create a mindset of innovation and inquiry. (Empowered Learners) Goal 2: Better understand the history of plastics. (Timeline) Goal 3: Understand how plastics are produced today. Week 2 Considerations and Uses Goal 1: Begin to understand your current personal relationship with plastics. (Classes and Categories) Goal 2: Better understand the common applications of plastics. (Why we use them.) Goal 3: Use a circular economy model to address end-of-life considerations for plastics. (Challenges) Week 3 Solutions and Plan for Action Goal 1: Grab inspiration from humans (and worms) taking action for the planet. Goal 2: Use Life Cycle Assessments and Design Processes to better understand the Impact of Plastic Goal 3: Use the 8 Rs to RETHINK Your Own Impact For this final phase, students will work together to take the RETHINK PLASTICS CHALLENGE creating a plan to rethink plastics using the 8Rs in one environment (class, school, home, or community).
Project contact:
  • Ocean and Climate
  • biodiversity