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"Projects in the Baltic Sea Strategy" (5.3)

Event date:
20/05/2010 - 16:45 to 18:30
Table of Contents

    In October 2009, EU Member States agreed on EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. One of the four cornerstones of the Strategy is to make the Baltic Sea Region a Safe and Secure Place. Implementation of the Strategy has started. The focus of this workshop is to show the positive effects that the projects have on making the Baltic Region a safe and secure place together with protecting the maritime environment. The approach is practical and down to earth.


    P R O G R A M M E

    Thursday, 20 16:45-18:30

    Room: Sala Azul (Laboral)


    CHAIR: Francis Zachariae, Deputy Director General for Danish Maritime Safety Administration

    Catharina Sørensen, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission 

    Dr. Nico Nolte, Head of Unit for Maritime Spatial Planning, German Maritime and Hydrographical Agency (BSH) 

    Commander C.S. Rasmussen (tbc), Policy Section, Danish Defence Command 

    Anders Carlberg, Maritime Affairs Region Västra Götaland 

    Charlotte Havsteen, Head of Division for Hydrography and Maritime Data, Danish Maritime Safety Administration 

    Therese Nilsson - Project Manager Baltic Master II, Region Blekinge

    Haitze Siemers, Head of Unit for Maritime Policy in the Baltic and North Sea, Directorate General Maritime Policy and Fisheries, European Commission


    (Lead: Danish Maritime Safety Administration)