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"Innovation in the Port-City Relationship: The European Sea Ports Organisation Award" (3.11)

Event date:
20/05/2010 - 14:30 to 16:15
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    The erosion of public support for seaports has been recognised as an issue that needs attention from port management. Competition for land use, the negative externalities of port operations and safety & security concerns have in recent years contributed to the poor public image of many ports. In 2009, ESPO launched it first Port-City Relationship Award, won by the Port Authority of Gijon. European Maritime Day 2010 in Gijon is the right place to show why Gijon Port won this Award. 


        P R O G R A M M E  

       Thursday 20, 14:30-16:15

         Room: Paraninfo (Laboral)    


    CHAIR: Patrick Verhoeven, Secretary General, European Sea Ports Organisation     

    Jean Claude Gaudin, Mayor, Marseille City Council, France     

    Christian Ramberg, Managing Director of the Port of Turku, Finland   

    Luigi Merlo, President, Genoa Port Authority: The Genoa Port Centre project, Italy     

    Saskia Walters, Advisor, Port of Ghent Community, Belgium    

    Fernando M Rexach, President, Port of Gijón, Spain 

    (Lead: Port of Gijón)