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Andro Mathewson

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City & Country:

Edinburgh , United Kingdom


  • Marine conservation
  • Marine innovation and R&D
  • Marine pollution
  • Ocean Governance
  • Underwater Archaeology


Research; Archival Research; Open-Source Intelligence; Data Gathering & Analysis; Project Management; Leadership; Public Speaking; Translation; Languages.

As a highly dedicated researcher and lover of the oceans, I was drawn to this opportunity as it will allow me to conduct independent research on an important topic that is often understated and underresearched. I recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in International Relations and work for the HALO Trust, the world's largest humanitarian demining and explosive ordnance disposal charity. My current work at HALO revolves primarily around researching new program opportunities, working with multinational technology firms to bolster our R&D capabilities, and expanding our environmental programs. Within this role, I have learned about the severe consequences of unexploded ordnance both on the ground and in the world's oceans, where they are a grave environmental concern. I believe that our marine environment is one of Earths' greatest treasures that must be preserved. This conservation must include surveying and eventually removing unexploded and dumped munitions from the depths of the oceans.

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