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Global Maritime Youth: turning the gaze of young South Africans to the sea

Published on: Thu, 21/10/2021 - 14:37
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    Success Story - Global Maritime Youth - South Africa

    Global Maritime Youth: turning the gaze of young South Africans to the sea 

    South African Captain Londy Ngcobo is passionate. Her actions in favour of women and the youth have earned the Global Ship Navigator the nickname Black Mermaid, And now, she gives other young people the opportunity to launch their maritime careers through her association, the Global Maritime Youth. 


    Advocating on behalf of women and the youth 

    After studying ship navigation at the University of Durban, South Africa, Londy became the first African Dredge Master. In 2018, she founded Global Maritime Youth (GMY) in her native Kwazulu-Natal, using her experience and notoriety to support women and young Africans. The association aims to help other passionate young people into maritime studies and future careers.  


    Awareness of maritime professions 

    “The black child can no longer be associated with one who is afraid of the ocean and cannot swim,” she explains. “For the new generations, the love of the ocean must be just as authentic as that of the land. This is why GMY exists; to cultivate the love of the ocean and to stimulate the supply and demand of maritime skills through global collaborations. " 


    GMY promotes maritime vocations in schools and youth associations, and encourages young Africans to pursue maritime careers. GMY’s activities include conferences, visits to ports, boats, institutions and companies. To diversify these activities, the organisation also develops partnerships to give the youth a chance to access education and careers in maritime vocations. 


    Across Africa 

    GMY’s work in South Africa is not the only initiative of this kind. Other African based organisations promote blue economy and maritime careers among their young people. They are grouped together in the Pan Africa Youth Organisation for the Blue Economy, whose members are active in 55 African countries. 


    Blue economy can only develop sustainably if it is led by women and men who are passionate about their jobs and motivated by the love of the sea. The promotion of maritime careers and access to education that leads to them are some of the many topics that will be tackled during BlueInvest Africa, to be held in Seychelles, from 15 to 16 March, 2022. 


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