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10th EMODnet Technical Working Group meeting (Autumn 2021) - Agenda and presentations

Published on: Mon, 27/09/2021 - 10:15
Table of Contents

    Remote Meeting: Zoom 

    Dates: 8th September 2021 (14:00-17:00) + 9th September 2021 (14:00-17:00) + 10th September 2021 (09:00-13:00)  (All times are CEST)

    Meeting Chairs: Zoi Konstantinou (DGMARE) & Conor Delaney (EMODnet Secretariat)

    Meeting Agenda

    Wednesday 8th September 2021 - SC

    14:00 – 17:00: EMODnet SC Joint Session* with TWG and MKEG:

    *This Session will be open for Members of the EMODnet Technical Working Group (E-TWG) and the EC Marine Knowledge Expert Group (MKEG)

    1. Welcome and Updates (EMODnet Secretariat and DG MARE) (15’)
    • Welcome, practical arrangements and guidelines for remote meetings
    • Introduction to the meeting agenda and agenda adoption  
    • EMODnet current status and perspectives & Marine Knowledge Expert Group updates (EC, DG MARE)
    1. Repatriation: update on work achieved and future updates (Secretariat & VLIZ) – 15’
    2. Centralization process: short updates on progress, implementation process and next steps (further discussion possible in closed session on 9 September AM) (Secretariat, VLIZ, with ALL thematic lots) – 10’
    3. Updates from EMODnet 7 Thematics & Data Ingestion (All Coordinators) – 60’
    • Key updates and forward look (5’ per Thematic Coordinator) – 40’
    • Q&A - 20’

    Comfort Break – 10’

    1. EMODnet Conference and Jamboree de-brief and feedback - 20’ (Secretariat, ALL)
    2. EMODnet online survey and targeted assessment: summary of results - 20’ (Secretariat, ALL)
    3. EMODnet Communication: updates on latest videos – 10’ (Secretariat)
    4. External partnerships and interactions - 30’ (Secretariat, DG MARE, ALL)
    • European partnerships: Copernicus Marine Service & Other
    • European Ocean Observing: Update on EC Consultation, EC Ocean Observation event and future developments 
    • EMODnet for society: EU4Ocean #MakeEUBlue
    • Global partnerships: EMOD-PACE, IODE, GEOSS & GEO-Blue Planet, UN Ocean Decade
    • External events: Recent and upcoming  
    1. Closing remarks and Any Other Business (AOB) - 5’

    17:00 Open Session Closes

    End of Meeting no later than 17:00 (earlier if possible)


    Thursday 9th September 2021 - TWG

    MEETING STARTS AT 14:00 (60’)

    1. Welcome & introduction (Zoi Konstantinou and Conor Delaney) (10‘)
    • Practical arrangements – remote meeting.
    • Expected outcomes of this meeting.
    1. Updates and progress since previous Technical Working Group Meeting (Tim Collart, Conor Delaney, Joana Beja, Francis Strobbe) (60‘)
    • Action List from previous TWG – Meeting Document 2. (EMODnet Secretariat)
    • Jira: Overview of usage. (EMODnet Secretariat)  JIRA overview of usage
    • OGC service monitoring Update.  (VLIZ)
    • INSPIRE compliance and updates. (EMODnet Secretariat)  INSPIRE compliance and updates
    • Review and discussion on the collection of metrics for reporting (EMODnet Secretariat/CINEA)


    1. EMODnet Harmonisation (120‘)
    • Overview of the Repatriated website, News Room and Europa Analytics. (EMODnet Secretariat)  Status repatriation
    • New CP GeoNetwork and its impact on product sharing:
      • Overview of the updated GeoNetwork (VLIZ)  Geonetwork updates
      • The metadata updates that are need to leverage the features of the new GeoNetwork (EMODnet Secretariat)
    • Discussion on the Product Catalogue (EMODnet Chemistry)
    • Discussion on how to improve the reporting of geospatial indicators (EMODnet Secretariat)  Progress monitoring: geographic coverage


    MEETING ENDS NO LATER THAN 17:00 (earlier if possible)

    Friday 10th September 2021 – TWG

    MEETING STARTS AT 09:00 (120’)

    1. EMODnet Centralisation. Progress performance monitoring, reporting and harmonisation (Secretariat, VLIZ, & All)
    • Centralisation technical overview: A deep dive into the technologies behind the new central portal map viewer. (VLIZ/Bilbomatica)
    • Centralisation discussion and feedback from TWG.
    • AOB


    1. Next Technical Working Group Meeting: format, date and location (Secretariat & all).
    2. Wrap up, actions, next meeting*.

    ENDS NO LATER THAN 13:00 (earlier if possible)