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Map of the Week – Marine installations

Published on: Fri, 24/09/2021 - 15:55
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    The Map of the Week shows the wide range of marine installations across Europe based on the Marine Research Infrastructures database from EurOcean.

    The European Researchers' Night is an annual Europe-wide public event which allows everyone to learn about the diversity of science and its impact on our daily lives in fun and inspiring ways. This year, the event takes place on Friday 24 September. The European Researchers' Night aims to:

    • bring research and researchers closer to the public;
    • promote excellent research projects across Europe and beyond;
    • increase the interest of young people in science and research careers; and
    • showcase the impact of researchers’ work on people’s daily lives.

    Visit the European Researchers' Night website to discover the activities organized in each country!

    Take this opportunity to learn about marine sciences … Europe has an extensive network of marine research infrastructure which incorporates a wide range of facilities including research vessels and embarkable equipment, on-land and offshore research and test facilities in the physical, biological and chemical domain as well as numerous remote and in-situ observation facilities. Click on the Map of the Week to see the key characteristics for each facility, including links to websites to access further details provided by the operators of these facilities.

    Wish to know more about the ocean and seas?

    • Participate in the Mediterranean Ocean Literacy festival on 25 September 2021. Its rich and diverse programme, with both on site and online activities, will ensure that you find something that responds to your interest and curiosity... whether you are a student, young changemaker, parent or grandparent, teacher, marine science educator, researcher, elected representative, policy maker or marine professional. Don’t miss it!
    • Learn about the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Ocean Decade) and the Ocean Decade Laboratories. Watch recordings of past Ocean Decade Laboratories and discover when the next ones will be organized.

    Access the map

    The data in this map are provided by EurOcean.