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Discover the European Atlas of the Seas by visiting a virtual exhibition!

Published on: Wed, 22/09/2021 - 16:38
Table of Contents
    (Virtual) Exhibition about a marine topic including arts or photos

    Target audience: Public

    Language: English

    Format: online

    Time: All day

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Organised by
     EMODnet Secretariat



    Data is key to understanding how we influence the ocean and seas and how the ocean and seas influence us. Visit the European Atlas of the Seas space in the EMODnet virtual exhibition to...

    • Discover how this interactive tool can help you learn more about the ocean and seas
    • Watch the video tutorial and learn how to use the atlas in 6 minutes
    • Find out, from the 24 Atlas ambassadors, why it is important to care about the ocean and seas
    • Explore the map-based exercises and activities in the Atlas’ Teachers Corner
    • Test your knowledge with our biodiversity quiz…

    The virtual exhibition was launched in June 2021 and will remain accessible online until November 2021. To visit the Atlas space, turn right twice after entering the exhibition.


    Visit the Virtual Exhibition


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