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From Hell to Heaven: a journey into the Plasticocene

Published on: Wed, 22/09/2021 - 15:22
Table of Contents
    Guided tour / Walk / Exhibition about a marine topic including arts or photos

    Target audience: Public

    Language: Italian/English

    Format: online

    Time: 14:30 CEST

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Organised by
     Marevivo - Delagazione FVG

    It represents a laboratory-exhibition on sea health created through a cathartic journey that aims to become a source fo reflection for the visitor on three possible scenarios, which refer to those of Dante. The project combines art, science, information and involvement in a path of awareness and responsibility for a healthier and more sustainable society. The exhibition will be held at Magazzino 26 by the artist Elisabetta Milan, the scientific contributions are handled by the WWF - AMP Miramare while the conception and coordination of the project are by the Marevivo FVG Association. The exhibition is organized with the contribution of the CR Trieste Foundation.


    Participate in the journey into the Plasticocene


    Swim back to the Ocean Literacy Festival programme