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Training with Remote Sensing Tools used under the EPIPELAGIC project

Published on: Tue, 21/09/2021 - 15:26
Table of Contents
    Learning activity / Training session / MOOC

    Target audience: Youth (16-30), Researchers

    Language: English

    Format: online

    Time: 11:00

    Duration: 2 hours

    Organised by
     Geosystems Hellas S.A.



    EPIPELAGIC aims at demonstrating the capabilities of satellites synergistic observations analysis to evaluate suitable indicators. Monitoring the coastal flooding, erosion, degradation, subsidence and coastline change due to climate change have a social and environmental impact. Data for coastline monitoring (changes in the coastline, river delta beaches due to environmental conditions, e.g. high waves, climate change and ship traffic) and in-situ measurements vs satellite data (time-series) are collected and evaluated.

    Watch here the recording of the training: 


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