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On an amazing journey with the European Atlas of the Seas!

Published on: Tue, 17/08/2021 - 11:04
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    On 16 June 2021, the EMODnet Secretariat organised an online workshop on the European Atlas of the Seas in the framework of the EMODnet Open Conference. The interactive workshop provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the many different aspects of the Atlas, from the story behind map layers to how the Atlas can be used in education and ocean literacy. The workshop was open to everyone and was free to attend.

    Wish to know more?

    • Meet the speakers and the panelists in the pre-workshop presentation: eas_workshop_biographies.pdf
    • Consult the programme of the two workshop sessions below and click on the hyperlinks to see the presentations made by the speakers or learn more about them or the organisation they work for.

     Session 1: The European Atlas of the Seas – A window on the ocean, seas and coasts 

    Opening keynote

    By Zoi Konstantinou, European Commission DG MARE


    Why are the ocean, the seas and coasts so important to us?

    By Easkey Britton, Surfer and Marine Social Scientist



    Introduction to the European Atlas of the Seas: Dive in and explore your ocean!

    By Nathalie Van Isacker, EMODnet Secretariat



    Panel discussion: Discover the story behind the Atlas’ map layers!

    Presentation by Tim Collart, EMODnet Secretariat

    Panelists: Alessandro Pititto, COGEA; Sheila García Martínez, Clara Becares & Josu Olaso Imaz, Bilbomatica



    The European Atlas of the Seas and Ocean Literacy: engaging a general audience

    By Agnès Lavergne and Maëlle Montier, Nausicaá


    A dynamic interactive tool: How can you follow developments and learn more?

    By Nathalie Van Isacker, EMODnet Secretariat


    15:15-15:30 Speakers’ and panelists’ preferred maps, questions and closing of the first session

     Session 2: The European Atlas of the Seas – A great educational tool 


    The Teachers’ Corner: How can you use the Atlas in the classroom?

    By Nathalie Van Isacker, EMODnet Secretariat



    Integrating the Atlas in schoolwork: teachers’ experiences and advice

    By Patrícia Conceição, Direção-Geral de Política do Mar, Portugal



    Joining the Network of European Blue Schools

    By Vanessa Batista, Ciência Viva– ANCCT, Portugal


    Panel discussion: From a passion for the ocean to a blue future

    Ilda Carinhas and Rosário Félix, Vialonga School, Escola Azul

    Maria João Amaro, Josefa de Óbidos School, Escola Azul

    Vanessa Batista, Ciência Viva – ANCCT, Portugal

    Christian Esteva Burgos, Youth4Ocean Forum, Clean Boating 2_07_esteva_cleanboating.pdf

    Neus Figueras, Youth4Ocean Forum, I’m with Lorac 2_08_figueras_lorac.pdf

    Farah Obaidullah - Ocean Advocate, Consultant & Founder Women4Oceans, Make Europe Blue 

    16:50-17:00 Speakers’ and panelists’ preferred maps, questions and closing of the second session

    We thank all of the speakers and the panelists for sharing with great enthusiasm their passion for the Ocean, their motivation to work on ocean literacy, and information on their work and inspirational projects and initiatives.