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Klaipeda, European Youth Capital 2021 – The Exhibition "14 m3 of the Baltic Sea in 2050. Dystopia or Reality?" at the Lithuanian Sea Museum

Published on: Wed, 02/06/2021 - 15:34
Table of Contents
    Exhibition. Educational activities

    General public
    Language: Lithuanian
    Time: Any
    Duration: 10-15 min
    Organised by
    Lithuanian Sea Museum

    Does the Ocean need us or do we need it more?

    What does it mean to be devoted to the sea?

    Starting a change – easy?

    Cemetery of the World War 2 weapons on the bottom of the Baltic Sea

    Beach rubbish

    Oil spills

    Climate change and rising sea level

    Plastics in the sea

    Participating  in the KLAIPĖDA – EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL 2021 programme, the Lithuanian Sea Museum has become a friendly open platform for the youth to arrange discussions on these marine hot topics, and encourage creative and critical thinking, self-expression and public spirit.

    The activities started in December 2020 and a mobile eco pop-up cube exhibit “14 m3 of the Baltic Sea in 2050. Dystopia or Reality?” was opened in May 2021.

    The activities include events in the museum and online: live discussion forums, educational hands-on, a lab, an eco-challenge “Imagine Yourself as the Ocean,” the edu-provocation “Hear – Feel – Discover the Sea Inside Yourself” in the streets of Klaipeda and dedicated to the World Ocean Day and the Klaipeda European Youth Capital 2021 and much more!.

    Lithuanian Sea Museum. Rodion Petroff. SEA PLASTICS



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