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Sea Scotland 2021: Ocean Literacy and Community

Published on: Tue, 01/06/2021 - 15:53
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    General public
    16:30 CET on 8th of June
    Organised by Sea Scotland

    Join us for Sea Scotland Conference 2021 to explore the relationship between communities and the ocean! With sessions on Ocean Recovery, Circular Economy, Just Transition and Ocean Literacy and Community.

    For its 6th edition, Sea Scotland 2021 aims to explore the relationship between communities and the ocean and reflect on the strategies and actions needed to tackle the intertwined nature and climate emergencies. We want to share the inspiring stories of communities across Scotland who are working to protect and enhance the marine environment.

    Through presentations and interactive discussion sessions, we will:

    • Explore the role of communities in the priority themes of ocean recovery, the circular economy and climate change;
    • Enhance the capacity of communities, including young people, to engage in transformative action to tackle the climate and nature crises;
    • Explore opportunities to build on new and existing initiatives to drive ocean recovery in Scotland.

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