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Project: The Galway Sailor

School information

School name
Kilglass National School
School year:
  • 2020-2021
School website
City & Country
:  Kilglass, Ireland
Sea basin:
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Inland: >20 km from the sea

Project information

Level of education:
  • Middle school
Project description:
Kilglass National School has linked with The Explorers Education Programme to collaborate on a school mini-boat project. The project is funded by the EU iFado programme in coordination with the Marine Institute and Educational Passages. The pupils in Kilglass NS will paint, decorate and name the boat while engaging in Ocean workshops with the Explorers programme. These workshops will help the pupils to gain specific knowledge of Atlantic currents and weather and the significant influence the ocean has on our weather patterns. The pupils will engage in inquiry-based learning with the learning objectives focused on analysing, tracking and estimating where their boat will end up. This cross-curricular STEM project will heighten the pupils' awareness of the importance of the ocean in all our lives as they study and explore Marine Literacy themes through a hands-on, innovative project. They will work as a team closely with the expert groups in a collaborative programme of work, After the launch they will use technology to track and monitor the progress and positioning of the boat and can then reassess and revaluate their estimations based on changing data in terms of ocean winds, currents and weather. The programme is also being carried out in some other schools in Europe and Kilglass will link with these share knowledge and experiences to date. Communicating through an eTwinning project could be a follow-on programme when al boats are finally launched.
  • Ocean and Climate