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A World in Common - Ways of the Waves

Published on: Wed, 12/05/2021 - 08:10
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    Art-science performance

    General public
    Language: English
    Duration: 2,5 minutes
    Organised by Ways of the Waves and Atlas project

    This video shows how the relationship between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic is both separated and linked by the worlds that the ocean and sea are part of. Creative imagery and underwater sound are used to tell this narrative highlighting the research questions explored during the Medwaves expedition. The WoW has been created by the artists Martha Zein and Jose Luis Matoso. Scientific coordination by Covadonga Orejas.

    All scientific research rests on something as fragile as human beings' capacity for wonder. Astonishment stops us in the face of the unknown, widens our gaze and leaves us breathless. But not all human beings are capable of turning this initial spark into the flame of knowledge. This requires the SPARK of enthusiasm, a particular form of love for wisdom. The enthusiasm for what amazes us is capable of shaking artists, philosophers, mystics… and scientists.
    The history of Science usually recognizes the intelligence, the tenacity, the commitment of those who investigate, but rarely VALUES this glow that lights up their gaze and their actions. Behind each person who investigates there is a poetic reason, otherwise it is not explained what he is capable of doing to illuminate the unknown. Science needs to recognize the important role of friendly knowledge in its investigations.
    "Ways of the Waves" is an audiovisual story that captures the heartbeat of amazement, enthusiasm and cordial knowledge that surrounds the scientific research carried out by Medwaves, with the support of ATLAS, on the path of Mediterranean water from the Alboran Sea to the Azores Islands aboard the oceanographic vessel Sarmiento de Gamboa, belonging to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) The seven videos narrate The love story between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean waters.

    "Ways of the Waves" (WOW) promotes that scientific dissemination can create new ties with the public hand in hand with art and supported by networks.

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