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Seaweed for Europe

Expert(s) : Maria Damanaki; Adrien Vincent; Maximilian Bucher
London, United Kingdom
Type of member : Network
Sea basin :
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
  • Baltic Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
Topics :
  • Food from the ocean
  • Seaweed, Circular Economy
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
  • Climate
Main activities :
  • Advocacy
Seaweed for Europe is a coalition with a mission to accelerate the sustainable seaweed industry in Europe. The Coalition represents over 70 members ranging from seaweed farmers to processors, civil society, research institutions and banks. After publishing our keystone publication, "Hidden Champion of the Ocean - Seaweed as a growth engine for a sustainable European future", we are now focused on growing the European seaweed industry through six workstreams: Optimising seaweed farming licensing processes, attracting public and private investors to the seaweed space, creating a strong and collaborative stakeholder network, establishing robust safety standards and a comprehensive certification system, raising awareness on the benefits and potential of seaweed, and leveraging science to accelerate innovation.