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Project: Sea Us in LiterArture

School information

School name
Liceul Tehnologic "Lazăr Edeleanu" Năvodari
School year:
  • 2020-2021
City & Country
:  Constanta, Romania
Sea basin:
  • Black Sea
  • Coastal: <20 km from the sea

Project information

Level of education:
  • Secondary school
Project description:
The project has been designed with the desire to implement and arouse a special artistic and cultural connection between the students and the Blue Herart of the planet, the sea, ocean , river or other type of water surface in their region. The students have done besides research, personal creations or interpretations: they drew, they performed the piano, they wrote collaboratively acrostic poems and even realized vurtual exhibitions of their personal photos, all related to the Sea/ Water Surface. They have done reasearch in the field of Paintings, they made playlists with songs inspired by or with marine topic, they recited poems and recorded themselves, and the project even has as a joint product, a calendar with certain topics for ach month, all related to the students water region. In March they will have some watercalculator tests, a students' chat to dicusss the water pollution problems and their solutions, and they will have a sea front cleaning activity. In April, they will.have different activities concerning Earth Day,such as planting trees,and will.sing a song together. The.project ends with a SWOT analysis of the activities with final surveys, and also final.product, an e book with all their work done.
  • Maritime Culture