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Recreational Fishing Guide

EU Young Ocean Advocate:

City & Country:

Thessaloniki, Greece

Project stage:

Stage 1: Concept

Sea basin:

  • Mediterranean Sea


  • Food from the ocean
  • fishing, alien species


  • Ocean conservation
  • Business and innovation (creation, process, strategy, product, service, etc.) related to sustainable use of marine resources
  • Community engagement - work with local communities to solve local marine and social challenges and with high social acceptance potential

The project aims to promote sustainable and responsible fishing and seafood consumption in Greece. The goal is to raise awareness, train, and educate professional/recreational fishers, consumers, and chefs, on responsible fishing and consumption of seafood. In the context of the project, public events and webinars will be implemented, to promote the Recreational Fishing Guide that iSea published in 2020. Users of the guide will be informed on the legislation, mating season of key species and first maturity length. Additionally, the project will try to promote targeted fishing and consumption of edible alien species such as lionfish (Pterois miles) and Atlantic blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) and at the same time the reduction of the consumption of higher trophic level species such as groupers, dentex, sharks and tunas, as a mitigation measure to the expansion and the increase of the population of marine alien species in the European Seas. The project started with the dissemination of the guide in the social media of the organization, but there is no funding to move forward the next steps, which are the activities, the updating of the guide and creation of informative material.