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ACFA - MEETING OF THE WG3, 25/5/2010

Event date:
25/05/2010 - 10:00 to 17:30
Table of Contents

    The WG3 of ACFA will have a meeting in Brussels, CCAB (rue Froissart), room 4C, on 25 May 2010. Draft Agenda EN ES, FR

    Invitations EN, ES, FR


    Minutes: EN, ES, FR

    Annexe 1 (EN, ES, FR), Annexe 2, Annexe 3, Annexe 4



    1. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of 23/3/2010

    2. Ongoing bilateral trade negotiations

    3. IUU Regulation (list of questions)

    4. Implementation rules for Art. 58 of the control regulation (EN, ES, FR)

    5. ACFA Resolution on the harmonisation in the terminology (EN)

    6. Analysis of statistical data on the fish processing industry (EN, ES, FR)

           -Facts and figures (EN)

    7. Current crisis of prices (presentation)

    8. Revision of the CMO

    9. Promotion and supply of fishery and aquaculture products (links: 14/4, 15/4)

    10. Consumer information regulation: the problem to label fat content (EN)