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ACFA - MEETING OF THE WG3, 23/3/2010

Event date:
23/03/2010 - 10:00 to 17:30
Table of Contents


    The meeting of ACFA WG3 will take place in BERLAYMONT building (rue de la Loi 200), room WHALL, on 23/2/2010, from 10h00  to 17h30.


    Work Programme:

    1. Agenda EN, ES, FR

    2. Revision of the CMO(Regulation 104/2000) EN, ES, FR, DE (Presentation: Annex 1 - Markets and trade aspects)

    3. European Markets Observatory (Presentation: Annex 2)

    4. Commission initiative for labelling of sustainable fishing

    5. Implementation of Council Regulation (EC) n° 1224/2009 with respect to article 58

         EN, ES, FR, DE

    6. Ongoing bilateral and regional trade negotiations. Reform of the rules of origin (customs code)

    7. Supply and trade situation 2009: presentation of the AIPCE finfish study (Annex 3-EN and Annex 4: Article Market Integration of fish)

    8. Update on contaminant legislation (Presentation: Annex 5)

    9. IUU Regulation and IUU website of the Commission

    10. AOB