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Thomas Lesage's story - Founding Member of the Youth4Ocean Forum

Published on: Wed, 07/10/2020 - 15:51
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    Meet Thomas Lesage, founder of the Children for the Oceans NGO and founding member of the Youth4Ocean Forum.

    My name is Thomas Lesage, I am 16 years old. Being born in Brittany in France, I spent most of my childhood next to the ocean and it has always occupied a very special place in my life. Having grown up close to the ocean, I have realised how it is important for climate change and for our lives on earth. Everything is connected and we cannot live with a dead ocean.

    In June 2018 I created an NGO called Children for the oceans. Its aim was to increase children’s awareness of the necessity to protect and care for our ocean. Three months later, I went on a worldwide sailing trip around the Atlantic Ocean. During my trip I was able to visit schools around the world and deliver awareness sessions. Today the NGO counts 10 oceans ambassadors located around the world, who are all dedicated to deliver awareness sessions.

    The objective of Children for the Oceans is to grow and train as many ambassadors as we can to convey the message to the children and the whole civil society that  the ocean is vital to our lives and we all depend on it. In this context, everyone on earth has the duty to protect it.