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Alina Greceanu - Youth4Ocean Forum Founding Member

Published on: Thu, 01/10/2020 - 15:39
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    Meet Alina Greceanu, founding member of the Youth4Ocean Forum.

    My engagement to the sea 

    My name is Alina and I live in Constanta, a beautiful city on the coast of Black Sea, in Romania.

    The sea and I have a long relationship, because I am so close and I often go to the beach to find my inner peace. A lot of my memories are connected to it: I go to beach parties with my friends, I swim and tan, I admire the big and amazing waves during winter, and my husband is a seaman. I can say that both of us are preoccupied about the environmental issues regarding the ocean. 

    Since I started to work as a volunteer in Mare Nostrum NGO, things changed a bit and I started to be even more aware of the real problems surrounding the sea. Together with other volunteers we go to the sea and monitor the dolphins, clean the beaches, and organize events that raise awareness about the environmental problems that our city and our sea are facing. Being a teacher, I often speak with my students about environmental issues and how we can reduce them.

    It is easy to understand the issues, but the challenge begins when you have to do something. It is good to encourage people who are working for the “health” of our sea, but the challenge is to do something yourself! Once you do it, you become more involved in the problem.