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European Schoolnet

Expert(s) : Noëlle Billon and Agueda Gras-Velazquez
Brussels, Belgium
Type of member : NGO
Sea basin :
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
Topics :
  • Climate and the ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
  • Climate
  • Space
Main activities :
  • Education
European Schoolnet (EUN), is a network of 34 ministries of education in Europe and beyond. As a non-profit organisation, the aim of the network is to bring innovation in teaching and learning to ministries of education, schools, teachers, researchers and private sector partners. EUN is positioned as an Ideas Lab, able to help its Ministries develop policies to support the educational reform process at European level based on evidence and facts. The mission of the organisation is to support ministries of education, schools, teachers and relevant education stakeholders in Europe in the transformation of education processes for the digitalised society of the 21st century. EUN works on three strategic areas: •Providing usable evidence and data in innovation in education to inform policy recommendations •Supporting schools and teachers in their teaching practices as well as international exchange and sharing •Developing and sustaining a network of schools engaged in innovative teaching and learning approaches