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REV Ocean

Expert(s) : Alex Rogers, Gry Ulverud, Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Tom Redd
Oslo, Norway
Type of member : Philanthropic
Sea basin :
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
  • Baltic Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • International (other sea-basins / ocean)
Topics :
  • Climate and the ocean
  • Healthy and clean ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
  • Climate
Main activities :
  • Marine Science / Research
REV Ocean is a not-for-profit company created with one overarching purpose and ambition: To make the ocean healthy again. Established in 2017, we will enable a new generation of ocean solutions and raise awareness of global impacts on the marine environment. We operate at a global level and will work with the best partners around the world to achieve our goals.