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B2E Associação para a Bioeconomia Azul - Laboratório Colaborativo

Expert(s) : Elisabete Matos, Ana Rita Ribeiro, Teresa Catumba
Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
Type of member : Non-Profit Organization
Sea basin :
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
  • Mediterranean Sea
Topics :
  • Healthy and clean ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
Main activities :
  • Marine Science / Research
The Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB is a non-profit association, located in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal. Under the motto “Inspired by the Ocean - Driven by the Market - Powered by Knowledge”, B2E CoLAB’s main objective is to promote the further development of new and existing added-value bio-based products and services, as well as developing internationalization processes of national scientific and technological capacity, in order to support two of the blue growth sectors with the greatest potential: biotechnology and aquaculture.