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EU4Ocean Platform members: now fully featured in their profile pages and the European Atlas of the Seas

Published on: Mon, 14/09/2020 - 11:55
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    Get to know the EU4Ocean Platform members and the European Atlas of the Seas!

    Interested to discover the members of the EU4Ocean Platform?

    Now you can discover here the profiles of the EU4Ocean Platform members. Updated automatically with all the necessary information, as soon as new stakeholders join the community, this list allows you to search members by country, sectors and working group topics.

    The EU4Ocean Platform brings together a wide diversity of stakeholders spanning the areas of marine research, science-policy, blue economy industry and the private sector, civil society, arts, education, youth and media. This includes multiple scales from local and national organisations to regional sea and European initiatives.

    EU4Ocean members in the European Atlas of the Seas

    You can also explore the wide diversity of EU4Ocean Platform members in an interactive map!

    EU4Ocean and the European Atlas of the Seas have joined forces and invite you to discover stakeholders engaged to advance ocean literacy. Which one is closer to you? Have a closer look:

    The map will be updated every month.

    Not already a member but interested to join? EU4Ocean is welcoming applications now! Apply here.