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Youth4Ocean Forum: Empowering European Youth to make a difference for the ocean

Event date:
24/09/2020 - 14:00 to 15:45
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    On 24 September 2020, an interactive workshop with the Youth4Ocean Forum founding members took place to define real combined actions for the ocean and ocean literacy.

    The Youth4Ocean Forum officially started in July 2020 with the participation of 40 founding members. It is a space of co-creation with the youth, for the youth.

    The objectives of the workshop were to present the youth’s vision of the Youth4Ocean Forum and the benefits of becoming a member, and to start building collective actions.

    153 participants of all ages, from universities, research centres, NGOs, science museums and aquariums of many different countries attended. Together they suggested collective actions that the Youth4Ocean Forum members can carry out, and how synergies can emerge with members of the EU4Ocean Platform and the Network of European Blue Schools.

    Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Ocean and Fisheries, also attended and was invited to join the Youth4Ocean Forum as the first Honorary Member.

    A full summary of the workshop is available HERE.

    What's next?

    The first call for application to become a Young Ocean Leader will open in November. Stay tuned!

    To join the Youth4Ocean Forum, follow the steps described HERE to register.

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    The workshop was organised as part of the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy. Further information on EU4Ocean is available on this websiteAn overview of the EU4Ocean workshops which took place during the 2-day event is available here.