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EU4Ocean Workshop: Taking Common Action For Making the Black Sea Sustainable

Event date:
25/09/2020 - 13:00 to 15:00
Table of Contents
    This online workshop will gather all interested stakeholders, around the Black Sea Basin, for approaching specific themes and co-designing common solutions, in terms of sustainability and blue growth.

    The Black Sea Basin workshop aims to bring together all those stakeholders eager to contribute in a positive and creative way at the health of the Black Sea. With a fresh and collaborative approach, we will discuss 3 key topics: marine litter, sustainable fishing, and blue careers.

    The discussions will be open so as to encourage everybody to comfortably express their point of view. The speakers and moderators will make sure that the working groups, one for each theme, will be interactive, dynamic, and productive, thus fostering connection and a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

    We are looking for participants from a variety of domains and backgrounds: public authorities, SMEs, NGOs, universities, educational institutions, youth, mass media, and any other person interested in getting involved. Everyone that loves the sea, that has a little enthusiasm and the belief that they can make a change around them, is welcome to join us.

    The workshop, which will be participative, will result in the development of a basin declaration summarizing the core outcome of the workshop. The declaration will “seal the deal”; it will guarantee that concrete solutions and actions will be put in place and that our common efforts will generate a real impact in all countries around the Black Sea.

    Instead of a conclusion, we provoke you to answer the question “What can I do today for the Black Sea?”


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    25 September 2020, 13:00-15:00 CEST (14:00-16:00 EET)

    A detailed agenda can be found HERE and you can also acces the Speaker profiles.


    We look forward to your ideas and commitment to the ocean!


    The workshop is organised as part of the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy. Further information on EU4Ocean is available on the website.