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Save the Sea Project

Published on: Fri, 07/08/2020 - 13:46
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    Save the Sea Project is a social initiative that unites and engages people in a dialogue about the state of the Baltic Sea. It is a perfect example of how environmental problems can be approached by different stakeholder sectors acting together to create the change. Amber Girl - project 's founder and jewelry designer created a unique bracelet where 100% of the net profit goes to a charitable cause strictly connected to the Baltic Sea conservation and protection . By creating an esthetically pleasing and high-quality product , she created a bridge between the consumer world and the environmentally aware community willing to take the step forward in order to build the greater future for our oceans.

    Save the Sea Project has two main objectives: to create community of ocean-literate and interested individuals and to raise money for a tangible goal they can all relate to. The idea attracts people who intentionally seek ways to help and become part of a

    greater movement . On the other hand, by creating a product that is esthetically pleasing, we reach audiences whose primary focus is to satisfy their acquisitive  needs. Getting familiar with its story then shifts this focus to the message the Bracelet conveys by working together we can contribute to a greater change. Though the reasons for joining differ, both groups unite with the same sense of community and acknowledgment of education as an integral part of a movement they became part of. The idea, draws upon our need of social belonging as well as ever changing consumer needs that together allows us to maximize the impact of a cause we care about.


    The Bracelet uses silver element and cord made of post -consumer plastic bottles. The element itself alludes to two fish found in the coat arms of the city where the Bracelet was created and the center of maritime activity in Poland.

    100% of the net profit from its sale always goes to a charitable cause connected to the Baltic Sea conservation.

    The first edition, in partnership with the Gdynia Aquarium, supports the purchase of Seabin for the Gdynia marina. The device will help clean the ocean surface from litter, plastic and petroleum-based oils. However, it will also provide a powerful educational tool for the children. Gdynia Aquarium plans to incorporate the new device in its outdoor activities for children that will help to promote ocean literacy and environmental awareness.