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Seaweed Forum Wales Ltd (SFW)

Expert(s) : Fiona Trappe
Conwy, United Kingdom
Type of member : Apex Body to Lead Development of New Industry Based on Cultivated Seaweed
Sea basin :
  • International (other sea-basins / ocean)
Topics :
Environmental domains :
Main activities :
  • Marine / Maritime Business
Formalised as a not for profit company, limited by guarantee, Seaweed Forum Wales (SFW) is now the apex body (the hub, linking Government; Education, Private Sector and Research) to advance and accelerate the development of an industry in Wales based on cultivated seaweed. It prioritises include: 1. To identify investment / funding to translate opportunities into realities. 2. To lobby Welsh Government to ensure seaweed farming achieves the platform needed to maximise benefits across the economy, environment and society – aligning perfectly across all legislative gaols – Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) act 2015. 3. To develop the market and supply chain 4. To facilitate collaborative projects including knowledge transfer 5. In future, to evolve as a membership organisation, representing all stakeholders