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Lithuanian Sea Museum

Expert(s) : Olga Zaliene
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Type of member : Museum/Aquarium/Education centre
Sea basin :
  • Baltic Sea
Topics :
  • Healthy and clean ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
  • Freshwater
Main activities :
  • Marine Science / Research
Lithuanian Sea Museum is a public institution with a mission to cherish and promote Lithuanian maritime heritage and exhibits of sea nature. The aim and goals of the EU4Ocean Platform – to consolidate and build on existing initiatives in ocean literacy and to form an inclusive ocean literacy community network that stimulates an environment of concrete actions and commitments to create an ‘ocean-literate generation’, essentially correspond to the goals and mission of the Lithuanian Sea Museum - together with the visitors, to explore, enjoy and preserve the harmony with the ocean. The Museum through its commitment to spread knowledge about the ocean and widen ocean literacy has been carrying and implementing numerous projects and activities, including: update of permanent exhibitions focusing on ocean preservation issues; partnership with regional schools and participation in educational programmes based on formal school curriculum and related to the topics of the museum’s exhibitions. All the educational programmes sustain principles of critical thinking, personal experience based learning, and green philosophy that aims at shaping or re-shaping the models of behaviour. The scientific staff of the museum carries on marine research at a national and regional level, in particular related to the Baltic Sea and national inland waters, providing consultancy and expertise for the public on the actual marine world related questions. Paving topical maritime issues, the educational programmes, events and actions of the museum receive live feedback and have support from the society. Annual average number of participants to the programmes is 20 000, while the audience of the museum, built of its visitors, is 500 000 per year.