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European Global Ocean Observing System, EuroGOOS

Expert(s) : Dina Eparkhina
Brussels, Belgium
Type of member : NGO
Sea basin :
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
  • Baltic Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • International (other sea-basins / ocean)
Topics :
  • Food from the ocean
  • Climate and the ocean
  • Healthy and clean ocean
  • Oceanographic services; Maritime operations and safety; Ocean and weather predictions
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
Main activities :
  • Marine Science-Policy
The EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network upscales the national efforts in Europe and contributes to broader Ocean Literacy efforts globally. The EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network works to: - Provide visibility and recognition of the members’ Ocean Literacy efforts at pan-European and global levels; - Allow re-using, re-purposing, adapting or translating each other’s materials; - Join efforts in collaborative projects or initiatives and help foster international partnerships; - Contribute to the European role in international Ocean Literacy in link with the UN Ocean Decade and its Ocean Literacy Framework. The Network is coordinated by EuroGOOS. The EuroGOOS overall mission is to contribute, as European component of GOOS, to the definition, support, promotion and implementation of operational oceanography, ocean health, and climate services, fostering the scientific understanding of the European seas, as well as their preservation, and sustainable use. EuroGOOS supports European and global oceanography and operates also at the regional level in Europe, facilitating EuroGOOS Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOS) in the Mediterranean, Arctic, Atlantic, and Baltic. The EuroGOOS OL Network is active and growing, currently including 20 organizations of national or international remit. EuroGOOS was the co-organizer of the 1st UNESCO-IOC Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit on 8 June 2020. Our OL Network conducted national OL activities survey and is preparing a brief about its results. The survey shows over 150 entries on various European OL activities from events to programmes, publications, multi-media resources, and other engagements with and outreach to both adults and children. The EuroGOOS library of multi-lingual OL resources is available online along with the list of other achievements of the OL Network: