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Show us your interest to become a European Blue School

Published on: Tue, 07/04/2020 - 14:51
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    The ocean is a fascinating world to discover, especially for young people. By joining the Network of European Blue Schools and taking part in the “Find the Blue Challenge”, you can embark on a journey with your students and help them to become responsible adults who care for the ocean.

    As an educator, you can contribute to a new generation of ocean-literate, responsible adults by making the ocean a relevant part of the school curricula.

    If you accept the “Find the Blue challenge” you will take part in ocean related projects with your students, which will grant you the opportunity to apply for a school project award and have your school earning the European Blue School certification. Participating teachers will have access to special training sessions and resources and receive the Blue Teacher’s badge. As a Blue Teacher you will be part of this wave of change and inspire your students to be ocean aware, ocean literate and ocean active citizens.

    Show us your intention to commit your school to become a European Blue School via this form.

    Welcome aboard!