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Published on: Mon, 06/04/2020 - 23:09
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    The EU4Ocean Platform is intended as an inclusive network of stakeholders willing to be actively engaged in connecting existing ocean literacy activities in Europe and shaping future actions. Nevertheless, the EU4Ocean Platform is a membership-based Platform, requiring interested stakeholders to apply through the online application form. This is a fast process, with an expected two working weeks turn-around for approval.

    The EU4Ocean Platform is intended as an inclusive network of stakeholders willing to be actively engaged in connecting existing ocean literacy activities in Europe and shaping future actions. Nevertheless, the EU4Ocean Platform is a membership-based Platform, requiring interested stakeholders to apply through the online application form. This is a fast process, with an expected two working weeks turn-around for approval. Further information on how to apply for the platform are available at the end of this page.

    Membership of the EU4Ocean is primarily at an organisation (or a faculty/department of an organisation) or project/initiative level, to demonstrate the applicant’s willingness and capability e.g. resources to engage in the EU4Ocean Platform activities. Read the EU4Ocean Platform key facts here (and see below for the full Terms of Reference). Initiatives with no legal entity or individuals are also welcome to apply where they can demonstrate relevant ongoing and future activities relevant to EU4Ocean Platform activities. See who the Platform members are in our overview or the interactive map with detailed information on each member.

    Guiding Principles of the EU4Ocean Coalition

    Potential applicants of the EU4Ocean Platform need to comply with the following guiding principles of the EU4Ocean Coalition:

    • Leadership for European Ocean Literacy: driven by active, motivated organizations and communities that can provide leadership, guidance and catalyse engagement in Ocean Literacy in Europe;
    • Inclusive: connecting and empowering communities for real change;
    • Shared responsibility for ocean preservation and engagement of all stakeholders and wider society;
    • Open and free access to information and sharing of resources;
    • A strong voice for youth with a strong pillar of youth engagement and leadership – reversing the traditional top-down relationship between adults and the Youth to a fair and balanced relationship;
    • Raising the profile of marine and maritime education in mainstream education;
    • Innovative in forming new partnerships, joint actions and co-designing new tools and solutions, building on existing activities and best practice;
    • European focus, contributing to the delivery of the European Green Deal, but with an International reach and contribution.  EU4Ocean coalition activities will be implemented in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), together with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and UNESCO activities in international ocean literacy.

    Eligibility criteria

    Stakeholders applying for EU4Ocean platform membership will be asked to demonstrate their ability and/or willingness to meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • be a European stakeholder, or an international one that can demonstrate concrete interactions, collaborations or joint activities with European stakeholders;
    • be a representative of at least one key target group of the EU4Ocean Platform, namely  science (public and private research with a primary focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and social sciences), policy makers and decision-makers, industry and business, financial institutions, media, civil society e.g. NGOs, philanthropists, art and culture, educational organisations and initiatives.  
    • be able to explain the benefit and contribution of the particular stakeholder and its sector/domain to the efforts of the EU4Ocean Platform and wider coalition;
    • be already actively working in the area of Ocean Literacy, including activities spanning ocean awareness and communication, ocean advocacy, ocean literacy resource design, implementation and sharing, marine and maritime education, careers and skills;  
    • provide examples of where the organization’s ocean literacy efforts are directly contributing to develop European capability and best practice in ocean literacy across the ocean literacy knowledge system, including as providers or aggregators of data, information or knowledge underpinning the marine knowledge base and value chain e.g. universities, research laboratories, maritime networks, technology and innovation platforms;
    • demonstrate e.g. through existing examples or proposed resources (in-kind or concrete funds) the motivation and capacity of their organization (or individual) to actively contribute to relevant ocean literacy activities of the EU4Ocean platform;
    • show motivation and willingness to comply with the guiding principles of the EU4Ocean platform, including an open philosophy to share and co-create ocean literacy activities, resources and tools for the benefit of EU4Ocean and, ultimately, wider society;
    • show willingness to adhere to one or more of the topic-oriented working groups  
    • show willingness to share experiences and openness to form new partnerships and jointly implement new joint activities under the label EU4Ocean;  
    • show willingness to integrate Youth into all ocean literacy activities and offer coaching and mentorship to the Youth through the Youth4Ocean Forum, potentially including mentorship for school students involved in the European network of Blue Schools.
    • Stakeholders should strive to provide motivation, explanation and, where possible, concrete evidence, to meet as many eligibility criteria as possible, recognizing that stakeholders have a diversity of skills and resources so are not required to meet all eligibility criteria.
    • It is recognized that each stakeholder will bring specific skill-sets and offer multiple methods and levels of engagement. Some organizations will be willing to play a fully active role from the start, whilst others may need time to develop awareness, capacity and resources in their country or sector. In addition, individuals and organizations with an interest, but no prior experience in ocean literacy, or lack of access to resources, also need to have ways to engage and feel part of the EU4Ocean without commitment or active resource contribution.

    Key roles for EU4Ocean Platform members

    • Committing to the EU movement and narrative of EU4Ocean coalition, acting as informal ambassadors to drive connection and momentum that drives societal change;
    • Actively participating in the EU4Ocean Platform meetings and activities, including discussions around ocean topics;
    • Working proactively and synergistically in topic-oriented multi-stakeholder environment;  
    • Bringing expertise and knowledge e.g. in marine and maritime research, policy, conservation, management, education;
    • Being open and inclusive, forming new partnerships and co-designing ocean literacy activities, actions and campaigns at multiple geographical scales;
    • Offering expertise to mentor and coach other members of the Platform and the Youth e.g. the EU4Youth Forum, European Young Ocean Leaders and European network of Blue Schools;
    • Engaging in relevant sea-basin events and dissemination, contributing to planning and promoting EU4Ocean activities at sea-basin, national and local levels.

    Terms of Reference for the EU4Ocean Platform

    Further information on expected EU4Ocean Platform member activities is available in the full EU4Ocean Platform Terms of Reference.

    Submit your application

    Step 1: Create your EU Login

    The EU4Ocean Platform is hosted on the official maritime forum website of the European Commission. Therefore, you need to have your EU Login and password to submit your application and participate in our online community.

    If you already have an EU login, you can login to the maritime forum website and skip this step.

    • a) Go to the page and click on "Create an account" link on the EU Login main page. Fill in the provided form with your personal details.
    • b) You will receive an e-mail from the EU Login automated password service. Follow the instructions to set your password.
    • c) Before you can login with your EU login to the maritime forum website, you need to choose your verification method. Go to and login with your chosen password. Once successfully authenticated, move the mouse over the gear at the top right corner to display the menu and select "My Account". Click on "Manage my mobile phone numbers". Click on "Add a mobile phone number". When clicking "Add", an SMS is sent to your mobile device. The SMS contains a code that you need to type in. Click on “Finalise”.
    • d) After you have set your password and verification method, open the maritime forum website and login by clicking on "EU Login". Choose “Mobile Phone + SMS” as a verification method and type in the code that will be sent to your mobile phone number.
    • e) After you have logged in to the maritime forum website for the first time, your account need to be activated by a side administrator. This might take up to one or two days in some cases. After your account has been activated, you will receive an automatic email. Afterwards can submit your application form (step 2).

    If you have any problems or questions regarding the EU Login process, please take a look at this EU Login Tutorial or contact the support of the European Commission.

    Step 2: Fill out the online application form

    Click here to apply to become a member of the EU4Ocean Platform. If you have problems with the application form, please contact us at