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As an educational professional, share your opinion and help us to develop a Network of European Blue Schools

Published on: Tue, 17/03/2020 - 13:13
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    The EU4Ocean Coalition invites you to participate in an international survey that addresses teachers, school managers, staff from ministries of education and professionals in marine science education. The objective of this survey is to involve experienced educational professionals, and to understand the gaps and needs on ocean topics in school curricula. On the basis of the results a handbook will be developed that will support your work.
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    Your collaboration is crucial to assist the EU4Ocean Coalition in developing the Network of European Blue Schools, as well as its components and application criteria. The Network of European Blue Schools will serve as meeting point for schools, teachers and students who are committed towards a more ocean literate society through the development of ocean-related projects and the engagement with the community.

    Your opinion is extremely valuable to us! To participate, please fill out this survey here by 30 April 2020; it should not take more 15 minutes.

    By answering the survey, you will also contribute to the development of a handbook that will support schools to develop their work. As the handbook will be a key tool for schools, it is essential to receive feedback from experienced end-users as yourself, and understand the gaps and needs on ocean topics in the classroom.

    Welcome aboard!