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BlueInvest Readiness Assistance

Published on: Fri, 30/08/2019 - 13:31
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    The BlueInvest Readiness Assistance is for high potential start-ups and SMEs with innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the Blue Economy.

    More than 200 businesses are currently receiving coaching tailored specifically to their business objectives.

    • Participants to the programme will receive feedback on their investment readiness level and a proposed coaching package.
    • Each participant will be matched with a dedicated business coach, whom they will work with to develop a set of concrete business objectives.
    • Participants will receive targeted assistance from their business coach, who will work with them to achieve their set objectives within a defined timeframe. The one-to-one coaching sessions will be conducted over a 3-month period, both in-person as well as digitally.
    • Participants will also benefit from additional training through participant-only sessions organised at the BlueInvest Academy, networking and B2B matchmaking sessions at the BlueInvest events.

    A competitive selection process is used to select the best candidates for the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance.


    Eligibility criteria

    You are eligible to apply for the programme if:

    • Your company/project is relevant to the Blue Economy,
    • Registered in an EU Member State, and
    • Majority owned by EU shareholders


    Selection process

    Applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Market potential
    • Investment potential
    • Sustainability and environmental impact
    • Innovativeness of the product or solution

    A 3-month cycle will be used to receive applications. All candidates will receive an email notification of the selection results one month after the application deadline.

    In addition, all candidates will receive a report with a brief analysis of their investment readiness.

    Current application cycle

    Applications are currently closed.