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Tourism strategy - reality check

Published on: Mon, 10/12/2018 - 16:37
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    taking stock of what has been achieved since 2014



    The Commission's “European Strategy for more Growth and Jobs in Coastal and Maritime Tourism" is almost five years old. Adopted in February 2014, the strategy set a number of priority areas and actions to overcome shortcomings such as skill gaps, seasonality, environmental pressures or hard-to-get funds and thus stimulate the sector's performance and competitiveness. The European Commission was to carry out 14 specific actions, while another 24 actions were expected from the Member States' regional and local authorities as well as from the private sector in the coastal and maritime domain.

    It is now time to take stock of this collective effort, and we therefore ask all interested parties to fill in this survey by the end of January and let us know about their accomplishments, their progress and the obstacles encountered along the way. The results will feed into an implementation report that the Commission will compile in 2019.



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