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Published on: Wed, 24/10/2018 - 13:34
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    As we approach the end of this financial period and debate the shape of the next one, here is an overview of what is being done with the share of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund that is not divided up among EU countries but is devoted directly to the Integrated Maritime Policy, to ocean governance and to the blue economy. This share amounts to €292 million for the period 2014-2020 - roughly 4.5% of the overall European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (€6.4 billion) - and has been devoted to the most pressing issues (both environmental and economic) that our seas are facing today.


    Read the results in detail in the brochure:



    Result #1 - The Space Network
    We have built a unique, Europe-wide network of maritime spatial plans – not just through a directive, but also through cooperation.


    Result #2 - The Coastguard Network
    We have built a network of European coastguards and are interlinking maritime authorities for more safety and security – and against marine pollution, illegal fishing, arms and drug smuggling, human trafficking.


    Result #3 - Marine Knowledge for All
    With 150 partners we have built a unique data base of marine data. The new knowledge has a wide spectrum of applications in science, business and innovation – at a fraction of the cost of similar, satellite based observation systems.


    Result #4 - Sea-basin cooperation
    Through our assistance mechanisms we have enabled the countries around each sea basin to develop thousands of new projects in a collaborative way.


    Result #5 - A Healthier Marine environment

    We are working to maintain biodiversity.


    Result #6 - Leading Blue Growth
    Our support to promising industries has produced amazing new projects that open the way for a sustainable blue economy.


    Result #7 - The Jobs of the Future
    We have built a Europe-wide maritime skills platform and piloted new learning processes to trigger new maritime skills and qualifications.


    Result #8 - Citizens outreach
    We have put the blue economy on the map.


    Result #9 - The Global Commitment
    We have put ocean health on the map.



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