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Mobilising Capital for EU Blue Economy Investment

Published on: Thu, 08/02/2018 - 19:28
The European Commission's Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is developing an approach to promote innovation and mobilize investment in the blue economy through establishing a project pipeline of potential projects.

blue growth and blue economy

The blue economy is already significant. In 2012 the Commission estimated that it represented over 5 million jobs and a gross added value of around €500 bn per year. It also affects a large number of the EU population with an estimated 40% of the EU population living within 50km from the sea. 

It can play an important role in driving Europe’s growth and welfare. With the Blue growth strategy adopted in 2012 the European Commission launched a set of actions to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and employment. The core of the strategy involves driving key economic sectors of the blue economy forward and simultaneously managing sustainable ecosystems.

Despite the developed basis of the blue economy, there is a scope to increase its productivity and potential. A wide range of opportunities are available to further this aim. The coherent cross-sectoral strategy will also aim to tackle obstacles to growth.

project objectives

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate that the blue economy sector is fertile ground for financing initiatives and to make a strong investment case to the DFI community. This should be done through:

  • demonstrating the sectoral growth of the blue economy;
  • showing that sustainable business models are an intrinsic part of the blue economy;
  • defining and characterising the types of businesses that need investment and providing a full project pipeline;
  • attempting to quantify the total demand for finance that would be important and identifying specific funding gaps;
  • identifying existing sources of finance and mapping them against demand;
  • preparing an investment dossier of to be presented to potential investors.

The project will run between January and August 2018. It aims to assist companies and project owners to further define and develop their proposals and obtain access to investors.  The project will also make concrete proposals for an investment vehicle for the European Blue Economy.

engaging with key actors

The project team, consisting of investment and blue economy experts, will seek out as many companies and projects seeking to raise funds in order to implement their plans.  Entrepreneurs and project promoters are invited to make contact with the project team at the contact points below as early as possible. 


3 May 2018 Paris, The French Blue Economy

contact the project team

Paul van Aalst, Michael Adams, Martin Poulsen, Greg Paterson-Jones, Jürgen Pucher, Wolfgang Schausberger, Luke Taylor, Tanja Werneck, Joe Wood 

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