Maritime Forum

EOOS Events Advisory Committee Kick-Off Meeting

Event date:
08/02/2018 - 15:30 to 18:00
Table of Contents
    To assess progress in setting up a European Ocean Observing System and advise on the EOOS Forum and 21-23 November Conference



    The EOOS A.C. Kick-Off meeting will take place from 14:30 till 17:00 on 8 February 2018 in Brussels at DG MARE (Rue Joseph II 99, MARE ROOM J99 05/SDR).

    To pass through security make sure to bring a valid ID / Passport. If you fill in the registration form, your entrance will be quicker .

    Draft Agenda:

    • Welcome and tour de table

    • Status update on EOOS progress to date - Glenn Nolan (EuroGOOS) 

    • Terms of Reference (ToR) and role of the Advisory Committee - Jan-Bart Calewaert (EMODnet)

    • Update on draft EOOS Strategy outline and implementation plan - Kate Larkin (European Marine Board) and Glenn Nolan (EuroGOOS)

    • EOOS Stakeholder events

      • Preparations of the EOOS Forum (8/03/2018, Brussels) - Dina Eparkhina (EuroGOOS)

      • Structure, approach, main sessions and expected outputs of the EOOS Conference (21-23 November, Brussels) - Jan-Bart Calewaert (EMODnet Secretariat) & Kate Larkin (EMB)

      • Linking both stakeholder events

    • EOOS stakeholder engagement

      • Identification of key contacts and how to get them involved

      • Gaps in coverage (stakeholder communities, focal areas, …)

      • Major actions from various community that are ongoing that can contribute to EOOS e.g. in terms of aligning and integrating the current ocean observing system

    • EOOS-related events 2018 – Glenn Nolan (EuroGOOS)

    • Next meeting 9/02




    8 Feb 2018 KoM

    Agnes Robin

    DG RTD (Research Infrastructures)


    Marco Weydert

    DG RTD (Marine Resources Unit)


    Catherine Boyen

    Biological Station Roscoff – Euromarine


    Corine Lochet

    SHOM / Representative EU for IHO


    David Connor

    DG ENV


    George Petihakis

    EuroGOOS Vice-Chair


    Iain Shepherd



    Jacky Wood

    JPI Oceans


    Joaquín Tintoré 



    Sean Cullen

    Geological Survey of Ireland


    Nadia Pinardi



    Neil Holdsworth & Mark Dickey-Collas



    Pierre-Yves Le Traon

    Mercator Ocean / Ifremer


    Fabienne Jacq



    Susana Salvador



    Isabel Sousa-Pinto



    Phil Weaver (Chair)

    EMODnet Steering Committee Chair


    Glenn Nolan & Dina Eparkhina

    EuroGOOS Secretariat – EOOS SG Co-Chair


    Kate Larkin & Sheila Heylmans

    EMB Secretariat – EOOS SG Co-Chair


    Jan-Bart Calewaert, Andrée-Anne Marsan, Selene Alvarez Pena

    EMODnet Secretariat


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