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Kick-off meeting (15 June 2017, Brussels)

Published on: Fri, 30/06/2017 - 18:31
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    Summary and documents (e.g. presentations, useful files). this article will be updated.

    Dear Participants,

    First of all, I would like to thank you also on behalf of my colleagues for your very active and enthusiastic participation at the 1st Meeting for developing a Blue Growth initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea. This was an important meeting which allowed us to set the scene for the development of a future research and innovation agenda for the Black Sea.

    Kind regards

    Sigi with all colleagues

    Below you can find a set of documents related to the first meeting:

    The draft summary of the meeting without the comments received (to be updated) Summary.docx

    The participants' list is also available:  Scanned_Attendance List_ListOfParticipants_15.06.2017.pdf

    The meeting agenda:  Meeting_agenda.pdf

    The minutes of the 3rd meeting of the IMP contact points of the coastal countries (27.10.2017):  Annex 3_email_part 3.pdf


    The 4th Black Sea stakeholder conference on blue economy:

    (registration code: "Attendee")

    The presentations received so far:

    1. Prof Vangelis Papathanassiou <>:  BlueMed + Black Sea.ppt

    2. Dr Baris Salihoglu <>:  BlackSea_BG_Salihoglu.pdf

    3. Dr Ємельянов Володимир Олександрович <>:  PREZENTATION_Brussel_IEMELIANOV.ppt

    4. Dr Meladze < behalf of Prof Kakha Bilashvili -   Presentation1111 (2).doc