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EFARO Seminar: “Smart data collection for the future monitoring of the sea”

Event date:
17/05/2017 (All day)
Table of Contents
    large section of invitees from industry, maritime sectors, policy makers, resource managers, marine organisations, NGOs and public


    Invitation EFARO Seminar: “Smart data collection for the future monitoring of the sea”

    Location: BIP-Brussels, Rue Royale 2 Brussels

    Registration: Please click here

    Participants: EFARO members and registered guests



    Arrival and coffee/tea


    Opening and welcome. Introduction to the theme: Smart data collection for the future monitoring of the sea Tammo Bult


    The future need for Advice EU Commission Ms Hélène Clark, Director in DG MARE


    Coffee break

    Session 1: The Future of Data Collection in Marine Science

    10.40- 11.00

     Advanced technologies for smart data collection: recent developments and future opportunities. Mr Bill Carp, NOAA Fisheries Scientist Emeritus, USA


    Fishing vessels as scientific platforms. Saša Raicevich Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA, Italy)


    Discussion session: under water data collection, Chair: Gerd Kraus Panel with Tammo Bult, Iain Shepherd, Ilona Jepsena, Bill Carp, Saša Raicevich



    Session 2: Smart data use


     “Prediction of fish recruitment and species distribution using high quality satellite products in combination with Bayesian networks” Mr Jose Antonio Fernandes. (AZTI, Spain)


    Marine Big Data and Data Governance Mr Martin Pastoors (Pelagic Freezer trawlers Association, The Netherlands)


    Four by Four: four discussion themes in 4 rounds (world cafe) (Ross, Gerd, Xabier and Joakim)

    1. Novel technology in Marine Science
    2. Safety and security of big data approaches in Marine Science
    3. Governing the Future of Data Collection in Marine Scienc
    4. From Data to information, quo vadis Marine Data collection?


    Plenary: drawing conclusions Tammo Bult


    Closing reception


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