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TAG Meeting 23 - February, 10th 2017

Event date:
10/02/2017 - 10:00
Table of Contents
    Overview of the 23rd TAG Meeting, this article contains the presentations delivered during the TAG

    Agenda of the TAG Meeting

    DG MARE presentation on the preliminary results of the Gartner's survey

    EUCISE2020 presentation to the TAG


    The 23rd TAG meeting allowed the participant to receive an update on the status of the EUCISE2020 Project by the Project Coordinator (Mrs Carolina Matarazzi). DG MARE presented the preliminary results of the CISE survey on information services and Frontex presented the status of the inter-agency cooperation on European Coast Guard functions. In view of the next CISE IT interoperability call (2016 – 2017) introduced by DG MARE, the JRC updated the TAG on the status of the ongoing projects funded by the previous CISE (2014 – 2015) calls for national IT interoperability improvements.