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How good are Mediterranean marine data? first draft of second data adequacy report

Published on: Tue, 07/02/2017 - 11:31
Table of Contents
    looks at availability and appropriateness of marine data in the Mediterranean. includes annexes

    From the combined availability and appropriateness indicators analysis, the emerging gaps for the monitoring system at the basin scales, in view of the 7 prescribed Challenges are:

    1. sediment mass balance monitoring data, the targeted product could not be realized, data are only available in the literature and after the last EUROSION project, terminated in 2004, no INSPIRE catalogue and database was constructed from the data collected.
    2. the fishery management data, such as fish catch and by-catch, are totally inadequate to cover the required targeted products needs from all the indicators point of view. The key inadequate quality attributes for this monitoring are: visibility, EU INSPIRE catalogue, data policy visibility, readiness, data delivery and data policy, horizontal and temporal coverage, temporal validity. Another major point is the scarcity of the data collected in 2 years search.
    3. the habitat extent input data sets, such as Posidonia oceanica, Coralligenous and Maerl habitats, seabed sensible habitats, are totally inadequate in terms of Data Policy and Responsiveness, Vertical and horizontal coverage, temporal and horizontal resolution.
    4. the wave height, period, direction and spectral parameters input data sets are totally inadequate because of negative scores for visibility, INSPIRE Catalogue, Data Policy, Pricing, responsiveness, temporal coverage, horizontal and temporal resolution

    draft data adequacy report 

    annex 1 metadatabase contents and statistics 

    annex 2 appropriateness indicator definitions 

    annex 3 statistics of availability indicators 

    annex 4 statistics of appropriateness indicators

    annex 5 expert evaluation of targeted products 

    other sea basins