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Stakeholder Information meeting for European Maritime Day 2017 in Poole

Event date:
25/10/2016 - 14:00
Table of Contents
    The meeting took place at the Residence of the British Ambassador to the European Union, rue Ducale, Brussels, Belgium.


    European Maritime Day 2017, Poole, UK


    In cooperation with the Borough of Poole and the United Kingdom’s Permanent Representation in Brussels we invited Maritime stakeholders to an information meeting on 25th October 


    Information Meeting for Maritime Stakeholders


    Date: 25th of October 2016, 14:00

    Venue: Residence of the British Ambassador to the European Union, rue Ducale 17, Brussels, Belgium



    13:45       Registration 


    14:00       Welcome remarks

    Rory O'Donnell, Counsellor for Regions, Agriculture and Fisheries at the UK Representation to the EU in Brussels

    Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Cabinet Member and Portfolio Holder for Economy, Culture and Leisure, Borough of Poole


    14:30       The EU´s Integrated Maritime Policy agenda - what's new?

    Haitze Siemers, Head of Unit, DG MARE


    15:00       EMD 2017 – what's the programme and how to get involved?

    Claus Schultze, Policy Officer, DG MARE


    15:20       Questions/Discussion


    16:00       Networking coffee


    All information given during the meeting and the link to apply for a workshop at the EMD 2017 is available at



    • Zrinka Mendas's picture

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I would like to attend. Do you provide reimbursement for travel?

      Kind regards


    • Sunil Murlidhar Shastri's picture

      I shall endeavour to attend

    •'s picture

      Dear Sir/Madam

      It is my great pleasure to inform you that I am Journalist and i am keen
      interested to participate The EMD 2017 conference and exhibition will
      be held on 18-19 May in Poole, UK.

      Yours Sincerely

      Krishna Prasad Sapkota ( Journalist )
      Chairman of Surag Patra News Paper

      Putalisadak, kathmandu,Nepal
      Tel No.:+977-12296321
      Fax No.:+977-1-4417917
      post Box No. 9820

    • Gunnar Tietze - Fabienne Vallee's picture

      Dear Madam, dear sir,
      We just sent an email to your service to check if ther was stll a chance to register to the information day. As I see that the meeting starts with a welcome coffee and ends with a networking coffee, would it be at least possible to participate to these two moments?
      (We are active supporters/contributers to the EU maritime day since their first event.
      Gunnar Tietze - Fabienne Vallée
      International Maritime Innovation Network (Non profit association)
      SeaTopic (Private company=

    • ArjunanElayaraja 's picture

      Indian Mangroves: A Global Perspective on the efforts of AALAMARAM, an NGO
      Can somebody believe that the arduous efforts of an NGO has turned the notice of UNESCO towards small villages of Cuddalore district!
      Before getting deep into the concept, it’s mandatory that one should clearly understand the importance of mangroves.
      MANGROVE FORESTSare not only important but also very crucial for the coastal areas. Since estuarine areas are highly populated, the slightest ecological imbalance will take a heavy toll. Mangroves play a vital role in stabilizing these areas. No engineering and technological solutions can be sought for stabilizing this imbalance. But, the mangrove plants very casually do this.
      Above all, Mangroves are now looked after by scientists as saviors in today's scenario of global warming. We all know that most of the coastal areas throughout the world are going to be affected by sea level rise due to global warming. The effects of which are already visible. Therefore, when most of the coastal areas will be flooded, mangroves can possibly provide a gene bank for cultivating salt tolerant species of crops which could be our future resource.
      In short, the importance of mangroves can be summed up as
      a. Buffer Zone between the land and the sea.
      b. Protect coastal land from erosion.
      c. Play an invaluable role as nature’s shield against cyclones, ecological disasters and as protector of shorelines.
      d. Breeding and nursery grounds for a variety of marine animals.
      e. Harbour a variety of life-forms like invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and even mammals like tigers.
      f. Good source of timber, fuel and fodder.
      g. Main source of income generation for shoreline communities like fisher-folk.
      h. Save the Marine Diversity, which is fast diminishing.
      i. Purify the water by absorbing impurities and harmful heavy metals and help us breathe clean air by absorbing the pollutants in the air.
      j. Potential source of recreation and tourism.
      Not many are aware of the above benefits of mangrove forests. Here comes in the concept of reforestation (planting and managing) of mangrove forests.
      To everybody’s great surprise, mangrove reforestation has been enthusiastically taken up by a rural based NGO, AALAMARAM.
      The NGO’s volunteers from the surrounding villages of Thyagavalli, Nochikadu, Naduthittu ,Thiruchopuram,poondiyankuppam,rajapettai and sothikuppam extended their sincere co-operation in planting the seedlings, carefully nursing them and vigilantly preserving them.
      The youngsters of the nearby villages voluntarily take part in this noble mission.
      It’s really astonishing to know that the rural fisher folk have clearly understood the significance of the mangroves and the involvement of the youngsters in contributing to the cultivation of these eco-friendly flora.
      Students and other working people of the village take turns in groups and get into the marshy lands to plant and nurse the plants in the night hours.
      Their selfless service from 2009 made their dreams come true.
      Nearly 5,000 mangrove saplings were planted along the bank of Uppanar River. The industrial area of Cuddalore, SIPCOT is located on the bank and wishing that the mangroves would purify the water and the air polluted by these industries, volunteers eagerly planted saplings of mangrove and avicennia along the river bank.
      Motivated by the interest showed by the villagers in protecting the saplings, the office bearers of the AALAMARAM NGO also planned to expand this project to the other nearby coastal villages too.
      The saplings grew almost to the heights of 5ft.
      When all the souls that lent a hand in this noble mission were overjoying, the historic downpours in November 2015 swallowed their hard labour and flood shattered their dreams.

      More than one lakh saplings that were planted for a stretch of 15 km, and other instruments like small boats etc. used in the planting and maintaining of the mangroves, whose worth estimated more than Rs 10 crore were pathetically destroyed by the floods.
      Due to non-stop rain for more than 60days, the plants were totally immersed in fresh water for more two months. Due to the decrease in the salinity of the base water, the plants started decaying. Even the plants which were 3 feet high were immersed in water for more than 60 daysand the entire mangroves along the coast were totally ruined.
      The self-less labour of the volunteers, headed by the secretary of the NGO
      Mr Arjunan Elayaraja, to contribute in the mission of protecting our nature, was ravaged by nature itself.
      The damage was studied and was estimated to more than 10 crores. The seedlings that were planted were all imported and were of excellent quality.
      Reports, regarding this damage, were submitted to the concerned District Level and State Level authorities.
      To put back things in order along the coast and restart the planting of saplings, the NGO AALAMARAM has constantly been sending reports to the concerned authorities and a plea requesting a compensation of Rs 10 crore.
      Other cash crops like Paddy fields and other plantations’ destruction was taken into account and compensation has been given by the State Government, whereas a non-profit, volunteer service that has taken in the labour of hundreds of youngsters and the contribution by the NGO has been put in dark by the negligence of the concerned authorities.
      When the urban folk contribute in polluting the environment, a non-profit organisation has created an awareness in the minds of the rural youth to protect the environment through the mangrove ecosystem and this great task has not been recognised by the Government and has not been brought into limelight.
      This pathetic condition was published in dailies in like some news paper The earnest request of the NGO AALAMARAM and its volunteers is to consider the damage caused by the flood and provide the necessary compensation. Their requirement is Rs 10 crores. They feel it would greatly help in revamping their mission of reforesting the mangroves to the benefit of mankind.
      The news of such reforestation has drawn the attention of UNESCO which has appreciated the efforts and the service of AALAMARAM and THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL for Public Relations and Public Information of UNESCO has sent a letter to the secretary of NGO citing that 26th July will be observed as “THE INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE CONSERVATION OF MANGROVE ECOSYSTEM”.
      Let’s pray that this article draws the attention of the concerned Govt. authorities and let the efforts of the innocent villagers be recognised!
      We, on behalf of the all good souls that took part in this mission, humbly request you to publish this article in your esteemed daily so that it would create an awareness among people on the significance and the conservation of mangroves.
      Thank you!