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Project financed under direct management component of European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 2014

Published on: Mon, 21/03/2016 - 17:46
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    summary prepared for the evaluation

    see 2015 actions







    Coastguard cooperation



    Project ongoing

    IMS IT Improvements



    €413.000 was transferred to DG ENV/EMFF in summer 2015.

    2014- CISE



    Project ongoing since 1/1/2016.

    2014- SINKER



    Project will start on 1/4/2016.

    2014- YIN



    Project will start on 1/4/2016.

    2014- ROMANIA



    Project ongoing since 1/1/2016.

    2014- CISE



    Project ongoing since 1/12/2015.




    Project ongoing since 1/1/2016.

    2014- IT21



    Project ongoing since 15/1/2016.

    Forum of Coast Guard functions of Mediterranean States (MedCGF)




     Forum of European Coast Guard Functions (ECGFF)




    MSP projects Baltic, Black and North Seas



    Lot 3 was relaunched for North Atlantic.

    MPS projects - Lot 1 - Black Sea



    Project ongoing

    MSP Projects - Lot 2 - Baltic Sea



    Project ongoing

    MSP Projects - Lot 3 - North Atlantic Sea



    Project ongoing


    Best practices for action plans to develop integrated, regional monitoring programmes coordinated programmes of measures and addressing data and knowledge gaps  in coastal and marine waters

    € 2 460 000








    Strengthening regional cooperation in the area of fisheries data collection




    International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), Annual Meeting




    ICCAT- Atlantic Wide Research Programme for Blufin Tuna




    Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)  - Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) - Assistance for developing countries




     Indian Ocean Tuna Population Structure and Pilot Tagging Activities (Neritics)




    Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) - General Science Capacity Special Fund




    South East Atlantic Fisheries (SEAFO) - Financial support for developing countries




    Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) - Matching cannery sales information to log book and trans-shipment reports in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) to validate the catch data used in tuna stock assessments.




    WCPFC - Determining the level of shark-finning in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), the transport lines and markets for WCPO shark-fin




     WCPFC - Analysis of Observers and Transhipment data to inform WCPFC members




     Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO) - Potential Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems-Impacts of Deep-sea Fisheries. (NEREIDA Project)




     South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO) - Special Requirements Fund




    INDAM project (Indicators for Sustainable Development of Aquaculture and Guidelines for their use in the Mediterranean year 4), and  ShoCMed project (Project in support to the GFCM CAQ Working Group on Site Selection and Carrying Capacity (WGSC) year 4)





    FAO - Regional Projects: contributions to the EASTMED, MEDSUDMED, ADRIAMED, COPEMED and other projects




    FAO - Contribution to the GFCM  to support the work of the GFCM Task Force




    FAO - Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Transport Vessels and Supply Vessels




    FAO - Applying the FAO Evaluation Framework to Assess Conformity of Aquaculture Certification Schemes with the FAO Aquaculture Certification Guidelines




    Advisory Councils (ACs)




    Seabasin checkpoints



    One action with 4 Lots

    Development and implementation of integrated governance of maritime and coastal affairs and visibility of the IMP




    maritime forum




    seabasin checkpoints




    Seabasin checkpoints - Lot 1 - Arctic



    Contract ongoing.

    Seabasin checkpoints - Lot 2 - Atlantic



    Contract ongoing.

    Seabasin checkpoints - Lot 3 - Baltic



    Contract ongoing.

    Seabasin checkpoints - Lot 4 - Black Sea



    Contract ongoing.

    Coastal mapping



    Contract ongoing.

    Atlantic stakeholder conference




    Ocean Energy Forum



    Contract ongoing.

    Assistance to MS on MSP



    Contract ongoing.

    International best practices MSP



    Contract ongoing.

    Study coastal and maritime tourism



    Contract ongoing.

    Maritime training academies network



    Contract ongoing.

    Virtual Knowledge Centre



    Contract ongoing.

     Scoping study maritime economic data



    Contract ongoing.

    Coordination within and between different marine regions in implementing the eco system approach




    Development of methodological aspects in relation to good environmental status




    Emerging pressures, human activities and cost-effective measures (and their financing) in the marine environment




    Ex post evaluation of work progress under the Programme to support the further development of an Integrated Maritime Policy, as required by Article 13.213 (2) (b) of Regulation (EU) No. 1255/2011




    Scientific advice for fisheries beyond EU waters



    One action covering 4 specific contracts in 2014.

    SAF - Discard in EU beyond EU waters Phase II



    Contract finished.

    SAF - Advice on the conservation of pelagic sharks



    Contract ongoing

    SAF - Refence points & HCR in ICCAT



    Contract ongoing.

    SAF - Participation of scientists in RFMO meetings.



    Contract ongoing.

    Study on activities ancillary to fishing in EU



    Contract ongoing.

    Evaluation of the consistency between the external dimension of the CFP and the development of a pan-African approach to fisheries management as defined by the African Union.




    Study on management for data-poor stocks



    Contract ongoing.

     Evaluation tools for multi-stock management plans




    Study on the landing obligation in the Black Sea



    Contract ongoing.

    Management scenarios for MMPs in Med-Black Sea



    Contract ongoing.

     Evaluation of fishing zones defined by Sustainable Fishery Partnership Agreements with emphasis on EEZs and areas under dispute




    Provision of IT services and supplies



    Equipment for European Commission officials




    Organisation of the meetings of the experts group on fisheries control




    Study - Ex-post evaluation of the control regulation





    Internbational training programmes




    Specific service contracts linked to existing Framework Contracts - direct supply and services contracts




    Public relations, information and communication measures relating to the Common Fisheries Policy and the Integrated Maritime Policy




     European Market Observatory for fisheries and aquaculture (EUMOFA)



    Memorandum of Understanding with DIGIT for development of corporate solutions for CISE and Quality Assurance




    Administrative Arrangement with JRC for the definition of CISE central components and realisation of a TEST CISE




    Implementation of the administrative arrangement between the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Joint Research Centre (JRC)




    Payment of a compensation to the members of the STECF and/or the experts invited by the STECF for delivering background reports prior to STECF meetings and working groups and for their participation and work performed during the working groups, plenary sessions.




    Memorandum of Understanding between the European Community and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)




    Joint chartering of patrol vessels for fisheries control



    No applications received by DG MARE.

    Missions to ensure the implementation of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), including missions to evaluate and control the application of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)




    meeting of the experts group on fisheries control




    new control techniques




    Training of European Commission officials involved in verification, autonomous inspections and audits




     Publications to enhance the dialogue with the fishing industry and those affected by the CFP (OP)



     DG MARE contribution to the "Corporate Communication" (DG COMM)




    • aussema's picture Advisory Councils (ACs). €1,750,000 committed in 2014. €1.647.554 used. Action closed.