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Size of the blue economy in EU Member States

Published on: Mon, 22/06/2015 - 11:32
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    DG-MARE has prepared an analysis of the size of the blue economy for the integrated maritime policy expert group meeting of 25 June, 2015.

    Initial estimates for the size and dynamics of the blue economy are presented. The analysis covers

    1. primary sectors – those where the activity is primarily maritime – shipbuilding, shipping, tourism, offshore oil and gas, offshore renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture;
    2. indirect employment – jobs in industries providing goods and services to the primary sectors;
    3. coastal tourism;

    The method used is encapsulated in an application of the SAS software suite Thus it can deliver revised results quickly as new updates of data become available or as new sources of information allow a refinement of the underlying assumptions.

    tables of turnover, number of persons employed and average wages in EU Member States

    The results are preliminary and should not be taken as definitive.


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      Dear sirs I would like to ask for the last version of the study The Size of the Blue Economy. Best regards