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Technical workshop:Socio-economic monitoring of the Atlantic

Event date:
24/03/2015 - 00:00
Table of Contents
    The objective of the workshop is to draw recommendations to the Commission on the process and content required to monitor the blue economy in the Atlantic area, and if possible the implementation of the action plan


    Tuesday 24 March 2015, 14:00-18:00

    Brussels, at DG MARE, 99 rue Joseph II, Room J99 00/53


    Around 25 invited participants:

    • Atlantic Strategy Group representatives (Atlantic Member States and European Institutions)
    • European Commission services (MARE, ESTAT, REGIO, ...)
    • Invited monitoring experts


    • 14:00   Welcome and tour de table, MARE.C1
    • 14:15   Atlantic policy background and monitoring approach and challenges, MARE.C1
    • 14:30   Presentations of monitoring schemes and advices for the Atlantic
    • 16:00   Coffee break
    • 16:15   Further presentations, by experts
    • 17:00   Discussion based on shared questions
    • 17:45   Conclusions, DG MARE.C1
    • 18:00   Closure of the meeting

    Policy context

    During the implementation period of the Atlantic Action Plan, it is important to understand how the EU’s wider jobs, growth and sustainability objectives are evolving in the Atlantic area, to assess how the Action Plan's implementation is contributing to these objectives and to take into account any lessons learned in this process.

    The monitoring of the Atlantic area has been announced and preliminary defined in the Atlantic Action Plan adopted in May 2013. It was discussed during the Atlantic Leadership Group (ALG) meeting in Lisbon on 4 December 2013, during the informal Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG) meeting on 20 October 2014 in Brussels, and during the ASG meeting on 20 January 2015 in Porto.


    Monitoring approach


    As agreed previously with the ALG/ASG, the approach should be simple, practical and operational, and based on a limited set of indicators relevant for the maritime economy in the Atlantic area and for the monitoring of the implementation of the action plan. No new reporting requirements or obligations to Member States should be created, instead existing information should be used.


    The monitoring should feed the midterm review of the implementation (before the end of 2017) and the final evaluation of the Action Plan.







    Anne-France Woestyn

    DG MARE.C1

    Phone: +32 2 299 85 56