Maritime Forum

Drones and phones - lunchtime conference

Event date:
16/03/2015 - 12:30
Table of Contents
    Emerging technologies can lower the cost and increase the efficiency of maritime surveillance. Three new technologies will be demonstrated

    Authorities responsible for fisheries monitoring or search and rescue need to find vessels, identify them and see what they are doing. New technologies are enabling them to do this better and cheaper than was possible before. The Irish navy are testing a detector of mobile phones that can be placed on shore or aboard aircraft and that has already been used in real operations in the Mediterranean. And a number of fisheries authorities are considering the use of drones to deter and detect vessels fishing in closed areas. Representatives of three companies will explain the current status of these technologies and lead discussion on their potential for the future.

    introduction by DG-MARE

    how to detect an undetectable vessel

    drones for protecting Welsh fisheries


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